R&D and Manufacturing in Land & Sea Border Solution across HF-VHF (OTH Radar), GHz, THz, IR frequencies

CBNRE Handheld and Networked Sensor Systems 

RFID solutions for local and long range solutions, asset management applications, covert and anti attack covers

UAV mounted CBNRE solutions, Synthetic Aperture Radar, Day-Night-FIR-Long Range Colour cameras

Remote detection of IEDs in terrain, on body, in baggage/containers

Wide area molecular signatures in air covering CBE (including drugs)

Remote Personal Scanning using IR, THz, HF, VHF, GHz.

Protection of borders, perimeters, critical infrastructure, check points

UAV based forensics site inspection

Self Propelled CBNRE Sensor BOT for entering collapsed buildings, rubble, underground and dangerous sites.  

Successful partner in FP7 and H2020 funded projects

Scorpion Networks Ltd.

Scorpion Networks Ltd.

Specialist SME in Security and Health​